Thursday, April 15, 2010

hack weapon/item

hack item in CSO..juz RM10 only..all item and weapon will get..not lie..i have made so many forever item/weapon for many people..such as aWeK_SoMbOnG, ~XxHeArTxX~, psyhayashi, evonl and many more....

want buy hack weapon/item and other

to all my all just mail to me at with your molpoint serial number and pin..put what weapon u want..5 main weapon only..4 main handgun..1 knife..and all item level 3....i will make this things forever..

free kill hack

so simple..juz download DEXPOT.EXE..add install simple and easy..




klau korang nk item dlm gmbar nie...hntar mail kt aku atau kat CSO nama ~XxHeArTxX~...aku jual murah jer..harga kena tnya aku kat email.... boleh mintak kurang lgi harga..


klau korang berminat nk bli brang yg ada dlam gmbar nie..bleh mail aku kat CSO nama ~XxHeArTxX~..atau kat YM.. ..aku jual murah jer..harga kna tnya aku kat email yg aku bgi tdi...harga bleh runding...